The Lie of "Clean Energy": Panda Power Feeding Off Economic Despair October 14 2016 15 Comments

Tonight as I sit in my home, I am deeply saddened by the town meeting that I attended with my daughter and son. Our Mayor only yesterday, dropped the news that Panda Power Funds is going to purchase land from the town on my road to put in a multi-million dollar natural gas powered dual combine power plant.

We know the real truth behind "Natural Gas"... Fracking across this country has caused an epidemic of Earthquakes and the poisoning of hundreds of water aquifers. The Panda representatives were proud of the fact that this natural gas comes from "Tar Sands"...Remember the devastation of this region this past Summer in Canada?.. The fires and the pollution. I am seeing the bigger picture..Greed.  Greed of the Oil, Gas, Bank and Power companies and of our town officials wringing their hands and counting the money before any impact studies have been done. It is time for every citizen to stand up and be counted. Do you want to live upwind from this environmental plague?

"The Dance of Evolution" by BA Wygant who asks: Will we survive long enough to evolve?
Here are the 2 videos of the 4+ hours of dialog between these polished professional sales men and the concerned and informed citizens (as best we can with less then 24hours notice) as we attempted to find the truth behind this proposal.  Hope you find some of these details helpful as I'm sure they will be in your town next:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Local paper coverage:

"Neptune Rising" Awarded in Kent CT & Other News August 12 2016

It's been a busy summer at Kent Art Association this year where Lacey and I have been spending time as volunteers. There have been many successful shows, new artists, & judges! We've had wonderful discussions with people at the openings, and  each show I feel the community of artists has grown & learned something new from each other.  Kent Art Association's next opening is tomorrow August 13th, and I am very excited to tell you that "Neptune Rising" will be receiving an Award of Excellence!!  All are welcome to join us in celebration as the KAA Opening Reception is 2-4PM.  There will also be live music too for the first time at KAA in years.  It should be interesting to see art and music filling the halls with artists & patrons coming together to enjoy our members' hard work & the community's cultural celebration.

Neptune Rising by BA Wygant

In other recent BA Wygant Studio news international art writer M. Khalid Rahman at IRIS Art Magazine has decided to feature me in their publication.  I'd like to take this opportunity to thank them for sharing the message. I'd also like to thank my daughter Lacey for helping me put together another calendar for 2017.  The sales from this calendar go directly back into my projects.  Consequently I would like to thank each and everyone of you who have helped support my work through purchasing the calendars over the years.  Maybe some day I will be able to do a coffee table book, but until this this is the best way to grab the best of my collection of work in one spot is the 2017 Calendar.  

"Unity" on March 2017 Calendar pageEach year there are new paintings added, and of course we keep some of our symbolic favorites like "Unity" for March.  As Many of you know, this is when I was inspired to capture the power of hope and healing through Daffodils.  I would see them  on sale in the community to support cancer research.  So every year "Unity" is featured in March as a reminder to go get those beautiful flowers from your local cancer fundraisers; each of us doing our part to keep the hope alive through the beauty of flowers.  That's some serious flower power. In fact each month's selection has a little story. Feel free to reach out to me on Facebook if you would like to find out more stories about each month's selection.  I look forward to continuing the discussion with you


Lastly I would like to acknowledge that this week is a special week for my family as we celebrate the lives of our family in Heaven.  Both My Grandfather Floyd and my Brother Bill have birthdays and I'm especially feeling thankful for their presence in everything I do this week.
I know my Sister & I were so blessed to have had them in our lives even for the short time that window was.
They continue to inspire me everyday, and though the pain of loss is deep, I've learned to focus on the love they instilled in me.  Their energy, even today, goes on in my work in many ways.

A Spiritual Journey | Artists Seeking to Make the World Evolve Through Art June 20 2016 3 Comments

I have been on a spiritual journey through artistic expression for over forty-eight years now. Growing up in Ridgefield, Connecticut, always sketching or painting my impressions of the physical world around me. My view of this material world expanded my connections after the tragic death of my father in a plane crash and my brother’s murder. In living through this loss and violence, my mission in this life is to plant the seed of peace and unity through art revealing the physical and spiritual worlds are one.  To me Governments that separate us are only an illusion, we are one family.  In seeking out this spiritual journey, and unity, I have connected with artists internationally who are also seeking to make the world evolve through art.  I just returned from Lebanon, where I have met artists using their work to make a positive change in the world around them.  I implore each of you to connect with them, their projects, and others through social media (see links below).

Yesterday I met with Katrina Koerting, a  local reporter, and told her about my experiences in Lebanon (link below). Via Skype I also introduced her to my son Cody & to Razi (above left) who is one of the Syrian Artist's I've come to know. We spoke about the need to find peace and brotherhood through art. Razi told her about his art and the situation he is going through, living day to day. He is an artist and writer who has escaped from Syria, who now lives in a small studio in Beirut, where he is currently painting his heart out. The pain of missing his family and friends, all that he has been a witness to, is reflected upon along with the power of survival in his beautiful paintings of flowers that have both bloomed and gone by. He said that there is a hope of rebirth and new life someday..but the blooms he has painted on his canvas have died now.

There are so many connections between us, the world is too small a place not to look for them. I look forward to bring this experience to my canvas, to sending work to Beirut Art World for donation to their NGO work.  How profound it is the artist’s mind and the journey of mourning the precious loss of life and freedom.  A painted record in the memory of our cultures.  And as our precious little world hangs in the balance between the forces of Light and darkness. I would implore every Artist, Writer, Musician to reach out to the world around you, and inspire the minds, hearts and souls of Humanity to live in peace and harmony together.

Links to the online article: the article made the front page that I've scanned in and is displayed below, but please also share the DNT link to support the writer & the paper- print news papers need our support too.

Links I would like you to read & share- All important artists working in Lebanon everyday through their artwork & projects to help the community & the refugees who live day to day there.  Also UN reports & projects.

From Razi Wardh's "In Bloom" Exhibition Bio, "abstract pieces summon a subtle sense of melancholy. Beautiful yet sad, In Bloom hints that despite our plans, hopes and dreams death exists; the flower is after all temporary, a passing thing that soon will disappear. However, hope blooms next to death, as the viewer understands the nature of the flower it will return with the same beauty and tenderness. That delicate and gentle creation brings a sense of hope, just add water and wait; delicate colors, soft petals, it offers beauty and hope of rebirth and renewal.  Here are 3 of Razi's works:

His works come together, forming an artistic garden on canvas. One, two, three flowers, or an entire floral collection, In Bloom expands, grows and inspires. Life, hope, flowers, they all scream silently, raging against our reality of sadness and gloom." 
I have learned from this report about the vulnerability of Child refugees.  I have been inspired to speak out on this issue in every way I can.  The plight of refugee children living in the margins should be something we all try to speak out about as these children need voices working on their behalf.  This reports from unicef gives you some information on the general condition and profile of street based children:
Roula Chreim's Facebook Page.  She runs an NGO working with the UN to do international art shows where the proceeds go towards outreach projects in the community, everything from providing heaters to those in need, to providing art workshops to women in the community: 
Diala Brisly, a Syrian refugee artist who uses her whimsical illustrations to uplift and enrich the lives of many Syrian children in a weekly magazine that she prints out. Her inspiring pictures of her childhood, that is now lost for many of these children who are living in the darkness and chaos of war. I saw that she painted a mural on one of the school houses in a refugee camp. The painting was of an open book, with dreams coming from the pages to an astronaut in Space. Her works are a window to a world of possibilities and adventure for so many children who live behind the fence, kept from a physical freedom. The world of imagination can be opened in a painting on a wall.

Dials Brisly Syrian Artist Offers Hope to Children Refugees Through Art March 24 2016

Dials Brisly's artwork is a beacon of hope for the children of Syria. Please read this story of a brave young artist, who risks her life to print and share her hopeful, loving images to children that are forced to live in the darkness of chaos. They cling to her expressions of the past,never to be forgotten in the essence of what a child's life should be.
This is a stark reminder for civilization. War rips away, with rage and violence the divine right of each human being to live in the harmony and balance with the bliss of of childhood. Through Art we plant the seeds of hope, memories of freedom and balance, in a world of darkness. Worldwide Artists are offering images as prayers for peace in the spirit for what a civilizations greatest treasure, Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

From BBC News:

Diala Brisly: Paintings of hope for Syria's children

"Artist Diala Brisly fled Syria in 2013 but she's well known among Syrians for her work on a children's magazine that, amazingly, is still printed in the country, despite the war."
See a video & read more here too:

The Dove of Peace December 12 2015

I can see with all the divisions in the world today that hatred and rumors of wars have become the only word shared. 
I would implore all to remember the most incredible news that came to our planet roughly two thousand years ago. His message was for every soul on Earth. He came in peace, with love in his heart for every person, despite social standing or religious beliefs. His message is profound and all encompassing.
His great revelation is an eternal message to Humanity. GOD is a loving force encompassing all of creation. We are His children and through Him, we are ONE. 
Our species will evolve through this Living Truth.

Our Dance of Evolution Continues Beyond the Here & Now November 16 2015 1 Comment

I hope that you will read this with an open mind and heart, because when we are open to the world we have a better ability to understand our place in it and be a force for change.  Today we can be guided through our lives by something greater then ourselves.  Some believe there is a thread that unites us and we can tap into this stream of consciousness and energy that is universal.  In my daily life I take the time to listen to this through God's message and this feeds my process and forms my voice in my work.  Today all humanity should consider we are reaching a tipping point and our time to evolve is near.  To this I would like to share with you my experience and how this influenced my work in "The Dance of Evolution". I hope it can stir the critical nature of the need for evolution through my vision.

About a year ago I had a terrible dream where I witnessed a final end to the life on Earth. In this dream I observed the shaking out of life, the oceans and atmosphere poisoned by nuclear contamination, the atmosphere damaged from the greed of Carbon and the unsettling efforts of others to off set this with geoengineering.  Though it was a dream even upon waking I know life on this Planet is in serious danger.  We are one slip of the finger away from nuclear winter, the blue waters of Fukushima surge with venomous radioactivity, while they are baking in the temperatures of climate change.

I could see the image to paint and how to sculpt it. When I woke up I went to work gathering my materials. The ball that I used for the Earth was seemingly placed in my garden outside my door over night, and it found me in the morning.  Was it a sign that things were going to take shape, some times I wonder.  I also wonder if we will survive long enough to evolve?

"The Dance of Evolution" by BA Wygant 2014

The Dance of Evolution

This work is a message to Humanity, & a prayer that we will still have time to change the course of our destruction.  We each have an obligation to help set change in motion.  This work is my contribution to that effort.  What will yours be?  How will you help shape our destiny?  The only truly noble thing we can each do at the end of our day is to look back upon yourself and say I have evolved.  As Hemingway implies, comparing ourselves to our brother, or comparing his actions and accomplishments to ours serves no purpose in times of change. Ensure you do your own part to make the world a better place.

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man;
true nobility is being superior to your former self."
~Ernest Hemingway

Put this responsibility on yourself to wake up and see the signs around you and open up to how you can tap into things beyond this life and see what you can leave behind at the end of the day when you walk out of the door at work, or after you kiss you children good night.  Will the world be a better place when you have done all you can on this Earth today? If the answer is "No", don't be upset.  Just do better tomorrow and take the dawning of the sun as a sign that we can each rise again and shine.  Let the light guide you on your path, and be the light to others who are in the dark.  Then the next day you can say, "Yes, I made a positive difference", and the Earth will be a better place because we are here and what we do to make it a better place matters.

"Awakening" by BA Wygant 2014

"The Awakening"

"This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day"...
~William Shakespeare

New Work & Reflections from Schoodic Peninsula, ME | On Display at Art Space - Open Studio Hartford November 06 2015

I've been finishing a piece for the Open Studio Hartford that I started this summer.  The new work, is entitled "Emergence" and it captures my reflections from Schoodic Peninsula, ME which we had the pleasure of visiting this summer.  I was struck by the beauty of the rugged and undisturbed seascape and the power of the light on the ocean.  Hope the feeling of new discoveries resonates with you all the same way it did with me in this moment.  Like souls across the water we are always looking for truth, beauty and justice to renew them selves in our lives.  Like the refugees in the Middle East & Europe- we are all just trying to find a safe cove and right of passage into a bright future filled with beauty, light, and promise.   we all have the power to pilot our selves in to a new destiny- it's waiting to emerge just beyond the horizon.

Emergence an Oil Painting By BA Wygant

This week we also saw this feeling of promise emerge in our own local community.  We are blessed to live in a time when people can voice their concerns and vote for change.  We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate or New Milford Mayor David Gronbach on his recent election. I look forward to the change he can bring to our community as a whole and especially for grassroots art movements in New Milford.  Excited to see where the journey we are all on together will lead.  

Also you can find me Nov 14 & 15 at #14 Colt Gateway (140 Huyshope Avenue) on the tour Open Studio Tour.  More info here:

Super Blood Moon; Yet another reason to stop & look up in your own backyard September 28 2015 1 Comment

Make time to look around in your travels each day.  Sometimes Mother Nature will surprise you.  For instance, this week, we were able to see the blood moon that was also a super moon (Will not happen again for 30 plus years).  It makes you realize how we are a very small part of this larger reality, and how precious our little blue pearl is.  We are all floating along in this dark silky night sky.  

 As the moon shifts through Earth's shadow it shows just how quickly our time goes by.  Here we also are living in the shadow of earth- leaning into the sun each day for energy and warmth, our time in the light is short. The kind memory you have planted and given with love, is infinite and will be reflected in your life's story, like the red glow of the moon we too can give light back -even in darkness.  Each seed of Love you plant has waves that will reach out into the Universe around you. One day you bare whiteness to the infinite beautiful garden that you are.


We each can protect the garden & grow it further, better connecting each other.  We all think, "How can I make our world a better safer place for this garden of life to grow?" One thing I personally do is offer a kind word and a hug, when someone is having a bad day.  How do you meet this challenge?  All ideas on how to spread the seeds of hope & kindness are welcome!  I hope these images bring you light, perspective, & perhaps a little inspiration.  



by Lacey Wallace

Location: Middlefield, CT

Light Worker Sky Watch

Going to Beirut... With Your Help! September 16 2015

We've all heard someone criticizing Art as "excessive" and "unnecessary" and categorizing it as "entertainment", but that view is broken and fully misses the value of Art.  We all need to open our eyes to what Art really is.  It plucks the strings of human emotion.  It taps into our quantum soul that ties us together.  It can give us a perspective on something beyond our own surroundings and expose the true human nature and our shared experience as "spiritual beings on a universal journey"(quote from a friend).  These are truly the goals of all Artwork whether it is a Pixar film, a song composed hundreds of years ago played today by Yo-Yo-Ma, in the movement of a dancer in "American in Paris", or in the brush strokes of a lilypad in a Monet painting.  All these works evoke your emotion as a human being, in fact it is this expression of empathy that makes us human!  This is the true value of Art.  Some people will call Art unnecessary, or a waste of resources in contrast to the massive issues we face around the world.... And these people are missing the point of Art at its core!  Through Art projects around the world, Artists are expressing with grace, all the tragedies and the triumphs of Humanity. The communication of the world around us takes place in Artists' studios in the far outer reaches of Earth and in your hometown.  Art is bringing that need for change to your computer screen or your local gallery and you only need to take a moment to share in this experience to know its value to our global community.  These Artworks are now more important then ever for those of us who want to find truth, sanity and hope for our species. 
Let me share with you how I hope to inspire change in this world where it is desperately needed.  Just over the border from war torn Syria, are areas where many refugees have fled in the Middle East.  I will focus the first phase of my next project here.  My hope is to work for two months in this area of the Middle East painting and exploring the Holy Lands via Beirut, Lebanon, which is at the heart of the old and new worlds.
There is so much energy and potential for planting the seeds of hope and brotherhood and yes, peace.  I'd love to paint at this moment where the winds of change are sweeping refugees in need of support into a culture that is both diverse, vibrant, and budding.  This refugee city is a microcosm of humanity and there is much to learn, document, and paint.  I'm ready to take it all in as an Artist and work in this space.  I'm excited for the possibilities to raise awareness of the refugee crisis.  My goal is to donate my work for sale through Beirut Art International, NGO/UN to benefit the refugee camps where there is well over Two Million people, trying to survive with their families. Upon my return to Connecticut I hope to collaborate with local events to raise awareness of the plight of refugees & promise of hope for the Lebanese through my paintings and photographs.  This is the Video Lacey put together for the project:  
There are also several others of me and my work here under my "Video Channel" on this website.  Art can be spiritually powerful, I would like to make a positive change in the world through what I know and through these tools I have, I just hope I can make a difference.  
You can also make a difference by familiarizing yourself with the UN refugee stories from around the world linked here, and by sharing these with your friends and family both in person and online.  That could be you or I with our family trying to hang on to hope for a future, and peace is fragile.  We must all raise awareness to their plight & the strain it is putting on the world.  Please add your comment and suggestions for my project below.  
You can also learn more about my project, share it, and lend your support by clicking on the image below... 

A Message to Share Through My Recent Painting "Celebration of Life" September 04 2015

I am a painter with a message to share, through my work and my vision.
I look forward to meeting new people at all the Art shows that I exhibit.  In fact this weekend you can find me at BA Wygant at Meet the Artists & Artisans 

My goal is to plant the seeds of Faith and Hope and Brotherhood. We are so blessed to be here now. Each of us has an opportunity to plant the seeds in this glorious garden for the evolution of life on this beautiful planet.  "We can still plant a smile" Dr Ahmed from Syria can't practice in Lebanon, but he still does what he can to help those in need. Each and everyone of us can do our part - even here and now we can share their stories.  Here is his: Lebanon: The Natural Humanitarian

Be here now in this moment, within your surroundings & community.  Immerse yourself in the natural world- It is around you everywhere, be still and listen. Hear your mind and soul drink in the bird's song, the crickets laugh, feel the gentle breeze on your face. Shine in God's loving embrace. We are one in this eternal journey through life, connected by His Light our species will evolve- together! 

I do my best to capture this in "Celebration of Life" my latest oil painting on sculptural base, you can currently see it on display at The Gallery At Kent


BA Wygant's Visions of Natural Energy | Amagansett Fine Arts Festival July 01 2015

Unity.Gallery Presents a Virtual Exhibition 

Please take time to tour this wonderful virtual collection of art on the Virtual Exhibits Page.

Also This Weekend!!  Meet me live & in person at the Amagansett Fine Arts Festival

July 3 10AM-6PM
July 4 10AM-6PM
July 5 10AM-5PM
15 Montauk Hwy, East Hampton, NY 11937

I will have my latest work on display:

"Celebrate the Balance"

Oil Painting on Sculptural Base

Among the Sounds of Violence In Baghdad, Wasfi and His Cello Cry Out in Defiance June 08 2015

I was listening to NPR this morning about one brave Artist talking about his journey and taking a stand against terrorism in his hometown of Bagdad and the story of his defiance of the senseless murder of his fellow citizens, while drinking their coffee in a local coffee shop. He was saved by a twist of fate, as he was late for his coffee that day. I believe that God intervened, and planted a seed of Divine Grace into his heart and mind. He took his beloved cello to the cafe where this act of violence to place, and played with a song from his soul for peace, in his mourning he planted a seed of Hope for Humanity.

No mater what you believe, I am calling for ALL Artists to reach out in peace and brotherhood for the love of Humanity. We are killing each other and our planet, & for what? Power, more money? It is time to stand up, be counted in the power of Light.  Please look at the deeper reality. Stand back, see this with better eyes. Our fragile little pearl, fighting for her life while we fight with each other like spoiled children.  Humanity has always been able evolve and learn from our mistakes, however this time I hope we do not destroy our selves or our home before our evolution is complete.

WE are one family, the children of Earth, see the Light in each other so that our species will evolve together.


And the Light Was Good

Origins of Inspiration | New visions of BA Wygant straight from the studio May 16 2015

As I interact with people in relation to my art I often am asked, ”Where does inspiration come from and what encourages you?” Often I’m asked this question with a hint of desperation. People are always seeking out a way (sometimes through my work) to escape from reality, to break out and unleash a sacred power within to find ultimate peace. When I see this, the mother instinct in me wants to give them a hug, however as I cannot do that in the moment or here with you, let me offer up some advice instead along with my most recent visions. There is no break from reality – for me this is reality- there is energy out there and we only need to realize it and harness it within our everyday lives to find truth & inspiration.

Everyday the Earth spins on and as our days get more complex the strain on our souls increases. The state of our reality is bleak if you tune into 24-hour media outlets and zone out. It’s hard not to get caught up in the day-to-day drift into a grey moonscape as the lack of human empathy that is depicted in modern life becomes more prevalent. Many people have virtually closed their eyes to the possibilities beyond. Little do they know a vibrant energy filed universe is shining all around us and there is more then just what this current perceived reality has to offer.

In the dark ages many felt there was a “divine inspiration” that only a few artists and artisans could tap into. Many found that this inspiration could be channeled and maintained with in religious settings, this is why we have so many beautiful works in old world religious locations. However as we slipped into the new age of enlightenment we all found the possibilities are within each and every one of us to believe in ourselves, and share a vision, what ever it is. Your vision is your truth so you only need to believe in yourself to express it. This expression can be on the canvas, but it could also be in your writing, photography, printmaking, or in that dress that showcases your embroidery.

Today I share with you my latest visions and my most recent endeavor through tapping into and exploring this universal energy. In my most recent piece “The Good Shepherd” I have an interpretation of the warm hug Earth receives everyday from our universal creator. Our Shepherd is ushering us along, even me as I paint this from my studio in the quiet hills of Connecticut. I am moved to share with you my inspiration that we will find a beautiful salvation every day & all the days ahead as we spin endlessly through time and space. Be true to your self, and believe in your own muse, abilities, & truth. Keep your faith close to you and live in Peace.

These things will help in your quest to uncover your own well of inspiration.

All the best,


“The Good Shepherd”


"The Thief in the Night"


Earth Day is Every Day | BA Wygant's Thoughts on Earth Day & a Recent Interview by Marshall Masters April 23 2015 1 Comment

Bette Anne Wygant Earth Day 2015:  

"This is a time for every person on this planet to stop and reflect for a moment about the state of the health, and the future of our beautiful Mother Gaia. I have seen many troubling changes, on so many fronts and issues since I was a young child. The problems are growing very quickly now, and with more urgency."

Dance of Evolution by BA Wygant
"I must ask, what are we leaving for the future generations? With the pollution from the Nuclear disaster in Japan, the contamination of the Pacific Ocean, massive kills of many species of Marine life, now the closure of the fisheries in California, I must ask, Will there be future generations?"
When scientists have to worry about losing their funding for telling the Truth, it is time to wake up Humanity and consider making some very serious changes to protect life in this century and beyond."Peace in Every Home Town by BA Wygant"Are we to let the survival of this planet depend on the leaders of Industry that tell us there are no Earth quakes near fracking wells and that the water aquifers are not corrupted by them? We need to realize that we are running out of time.  Our Grandparents left to us the wonders of our National Parks, with the love and respect of our Mother Gaia's beauty and reverence. What are we leaving for our children? Will Humanity become part of the extinction of Species? Only time will tell."

These and other topics are also discussed in Bette Anne's recent 30 minute interview with Marshall Master who has been a past contributor on CNN.  During the course of the interview Bette Anne Shares her experiences and observations of life in the physical world, and our journey home which inspires her work.  Weather painting in the 70s or today her mission remains the same; Painting & sharing the light!! I hope you appreciate & enjoy this emotional and inspiring video:


This is a recent (30min) interview I did with Marshall Masters (a past CNN contributor) where I share my experiences &...

Posted by BA Wygant on Thursday, April 23, 2015




Danbury News Times Interviews BA Wygant | Buy The Sunday Paper! January 30 2015 5 Comments

Last week I had the chance to sit down and talk with Linda Koonz, the features editor of The News Times, and share my journey into artistic expression.  For over 48 years (photo on the left is from my old studio in Candlewood Isle) I have been exploring the link between the physical and spiritual world and that energy that connects us to each other and to God.  

We spoke about my interpretation of our travel through time and space, the concept of the earth being one seed in a vast cosmic infinity & our life here on this planet as just the first step in an infinite journey home.
 It was an interesting discussion spanning a few hours.  We also touched on the need to care for our planet, and the need for human kind to do our part in helping to stop the decline of its health.  I hope my work
inspires this in people and I'm looking forward to this Sunday's paper where this vision may reach others! The published article is below- I look forward to your comments:









"Humor Me" Exhibit at the Guild 25 Jan - 22 Feb | Featuring "Look Up" by BA Wygant January 25 2015

Heading out soon to the opening at the Guild.  The Exhibit entitled "Humor Me" will hang through the 22nd of February and feature many wonderful local artists.  If you are in Ridgefield please go by and support the exhibit featuring "Look Up" from my Spring 2014 painting.  We all need to remember to "Look Up" from time to time, take in the beauty of the natural world in these fleeting moments, & remember the Winter will pass and Spring is just on the horizon!!  

Art in Public Spaces: A Final Show for 2014 December 22 2014

Hope to see you at the Library for my exhibit up through 2/15/2015 in New Milford, CT (Date extended).  Call us for details or for a personal tour at (203)770-2230

Through Writing and Art: Ken and I Heal November 07 2014 2 Comments

Here you'll find reflections by Ken Fortenberry on his project:

"I created this website in memory of my father, second officer William H. Fortenberry. It is dedicated to the memory of the 44 people who perished on Romance of the Skies" – Ken H. Fortenberry

From Ken Fortenberry; "On the afternoon of November 8, 1957, Pan American Airlines Clipper “Romance of the Skies” vanished in mid-ocean, at the so-called point of no return, halfway between San Francisco and Honolulu.  The pilot’s last transmission, at 5:04 pm local time, indicated that all was well onboard the giant and luxurious Boeing 377 Stratocruiser."

Here is my painting for their salvation at sea "Amazing Grace" 

Amazing Grace for Romance of the Skies

All the light & love to you & your loved ones.  I'm hoping no other families suffer a loss like this again.  "Romance of the Skies" we send prayers for peace to you all.  After all these years it still hurts to think about all that loss. 


We think about them often, it drives you to dig deeper, & especially today we hold our families closer.  

Watch out!! Wet Paint: Two New Paintings Debut by BA Wygant October 31 2014




48 inches by 48 inches

Seven Guardians of Light have formed a circle to give us safe passage on the journey Home.
Click image above to view "Rejoice" in depth on the painting's page, use the zoom tool for details.  
Call the studio to view in person (860)957-7357



"Ancient Mariner"

30 inches by 24 inches

A voyage begins with waves breaking on the bow, often we steer into uncharted waters.
Powerful, deep, and dangerous are the currents of freedom. Godspeed its mariners. 
Click image above to view "Ancient Mariner" in depth on the painting's page with the zoom tool for details.  
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Illumination: A Glimpse of the "The Quantum Soul" October 08 2014

In times like these art can promote an understanding of things that are larger then our selves.  M.C. Escher a Dutch graphic artist said artists, "adore chaos because we love to produce order".  I agree, and in the case of my most recent piece (above), both the chaos of our soul searching and the order that comes from moments of transcendence & "Illumination" can evoke a deeper understanding of the beautiful balance we have at our core. 

We can all live for humanity, & work to ignite our God Spark.

My inspiration for this piece was a story I read about where some neurologists that think that the home of the soul in the human body could be in the firing of the neurons. Deepak Chopra calls this, "The Science of the Quantum Soul".  This is my impression of this and our God Spark. 

Pratt Center Fundraiser, Sag Harbor Fest, & Unveiling New Work September 12 2014 1 Comment

This weekend if you are in New Milford, CT please support the Pratt Center on Paper Mill rd and attend their annual auction & fundraiser Under the Harvest Moon .  Here you will be able to bid on BA Wygant's donated 14x11 double matted print of "Spring Symphony" that has been signed numbered and dated.  The original painting is 48x36:

In this painting on the right,”Spring Symphony” I share my impression of a moment in time. While I was riding in my car, I glanced out the window as the Sun peeked out of the dark raincloud to reveal an intoxicating sea of wildflowers, while listening to the Brandenburg concertos. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the moment.

Bette Anne's Description:  In ”Spring Symphony” I share my impression of a moment in time. While I was riding in my car, I glanced out the window as the Sun peeked out of the dark raincloud to reveal an intoxicating sea of wildflowers, while listening to the Brandenburg concertos. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the moment.

Also this weekend 9/13-14 at the Sag Harbor Festival we are proud to be unveiling of "Awakening".

BA Wygant's most recent work:

11th Sep 2014:


“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."
-- George Bernard Shaw,
Irish playwright


After reflecting on this quote & having just finished "Awakening" I can't help but wince when I think about sending my youngest off to school in the Middle East this semester in the midst of such turmoil. 

"Progress" in this context is not enough for me.   Really "Survival" would be a more accurate term for our society.  Whether we want to admit the reality of our changing world or not, our survival will depend on our "Awakening" and flexibility in our world. The governments must cooperate, and work together to help solve the problems we are now facing. Our own leaders must overcome the petty differences reflected in the constant childish bickering.  We must begin anew.

Our precious Humanity, our beloved Earth, our children, when will it be too late to speak with one voice? Peace and respect for Life will determine the balance of our Extinction, or our Salvation.  This is why it is important for our communities to come together and support each other, I hope to see you this weekend so we can make this change happen!!  


-BA Wygant

"Bette Anne Wygant's Paintings Offer Little Glimpses of Soul" By Lorraine & Douglas Haddock September 05 2014

In July of 1976 The Ridge Field Press interviewed me while I worked on my painting "Celestial Traveler" (42x72 below).  I thought Lorraine did a great interview & especially enjoyed her descriptions of my work.  Here is a link to the full article PDF we scanned in from Microfilms at the library (old school research technique pre-google - remember those days?).  I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane with me to my old studio in Candlewood Isle.

Science Can Save Us & Hurt Us- We Should All Be Mindful of its Power August 26 2014 1 Comment

Albert Einstein and Oppenheimer have both made warnings on the fine-line between discovery and destruction.  

Let us use our tools to educate and discover our impact for instance: Here the cloud is watching our planet...
The world's first high-res map of deforestation visualizes the impact of our actions -- 700,000 satellite images-- coming together to explain the pain.

Let's all keep a look out for these great tools.  Post here on your discoveries, or science that inspires you- as a scientist or a fan of positive discoveries.

#SpirtMeme An internet Installation at Unity.Gallery August 23 2014

Here is an intesting piece on art as a mirror of ourselves and our values - an idea Unity.Gallery hopes to promote:

Join us here:


The 2014 SoNo Arts Celebration 8/16-17 & #SeaTrashTransform : Beach Cleanup 9/27 August 12 2014 1 Comment

Lots of things going on this week including the kick off of a beach clean up with Unity.Gallery & the SONO Arts Celebration this weekend.

The Dance of Evolution

Got Mentors? 3 Ways Millennials Can Push A Creative Businesses Forward August 03 2014 1 Comment

Lacey is my technology mentor.  Do you have special mentors?

If not think about hiring a millennial! Like a sherpa in this digital age:

They are vision driven, they are experts in productivity, & they are born mentors.



#SpiritMeme Lost & Found August 03 2014

How can we ever find the way searching on our own, in the darkness?  We must all bring in our own light to solve these problems together.  Join us here and at www.Unity.Gallery 


And the People's Choice Award Winner is.... July 28 2014 1 Comment

2014 Golden Thread Gallery People's Choice Award Winner is BA Wygant for  "And the Light Was Good".

3 Impacts & 3 Results of Nuclear War: When It Happens “Over There” It Happens Here Too July 18 2014

Pray for Peace in Every Hometown


For the first time ever, scientists have taken 2 models & combined them to show a global view of what a regional nuclear war could do if it involved 100 nuclear weapons (17000 Nukes exist now).

3 Impacts

After 20-50% of our ozone is blown away: 

  1. Drop in surface temperature
  2. Super heating of the stratosphere
  3. Blasting up of 500 Tg of black carbon into the air for 8.7 years (Tetra gram = 1 Golden Gate Bridge)

The result:

    1. Coldest temperatures in 1000 years.
    2. A global nuclear food crisis
    3. Increased exposure to nuclear radiation & fallout related cancers*

 Read more here:

“Multidecadal global cooling and unprecedented ozone loss following a regional nuclear conflict”,


*This was not mentioned in the study but the CTBTO link below. These diseases include leukemia & cancer of the thyroid, lung and breast that can take up to 40 years to develop.

An Art Fair-y-Tale | How Helping My Mom's Studio With Art Shows Made Me A Better Artist July 09 2014

Recently we were asked to join a live radio show to discuss BA Wygant Studio's experience in the art show/ art fair market.  As we have worked together on the booth now for a long time- here is my account of the art fair process and how important it is:   

I started going to outdoor art shows when I was 6. My Mom (Bette Anne Wygant) is a painter, and at one point she was also showing some fiber work too. I loved the atmosphere at art shows from the start- the hustle and bustle of setting up your own mini gallery is electric. I remember her conversing with other artists, and telling people about her work- I was as proud of her as I am today. Some of my favorite memories of my grandmother were of her joining us at the fair. She was so happy to be there supporting my Mom, she often walked with me through the show explaining different art and engaging me at a very young age. It is because of these trips that I have such a profound love of art in my life. 

The community standing side to side with their art in the natural light also helps to unite artists, it's really an unparalleled experience. I carry these interactions with me today and they keep me going when we come across a bad show (or having to chase away digital cameras). I remember the new art I see around me, the things I learned, people I met and the new friends we have made~ I always walk away with a positive experience.

Times have changed a bit. For instance now we use more digital tools to engage people, we have better tents and panels, and we sell a lot more prints in tough times because of the price point. However things remain the same in many respects. Art has always been about sharing your vision and bridging vulnerability through connection and interaction with people. That's why I say the shows are worth the time and money you put into them. -What's better than connecting with people in the community and their environment directly?!  

So what is you favorite part about outdoor art shows?  


See you at the next show!!


-Lacey Wallace

Spring Symphony | A Musical Interlude in Art July 08 2014

In this painting on the right,”Spring Symphony”  share my impression of a moment in time. While I was riding in my car, I glanced out the window as the Sun peeked out of the dark raincloud to reveal an intoxicating sea of wildflowers, while listening to the Brandenburg concertos. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the moment.