Our Dance of Evolution Continues Beyond the Here & Now November 16 2015 1 Comment

I hope that you will read this with an open mind and heart, because when we are open to the world we have a better ability to understand our place in it and be a force for change.  Today we can be guided through our lives by something greater then ourselves.  Some believe there is a thread that unites us and we can tap into this stream of consciousness and energy that is universal.  In my daily life I take the time to listen to this through God's message and this feeds my process and forms my voice in my work.  Today all humanity should consider we are reaching a tipping point and our time to evolve is near.  To this I would like to share with you my experience and how this influenced my work in "The Dance of Evolution". I hope it can stir the critical nature of the need for evolution through my vision.

About a year ago I had a terrible dream where I witnessed a final end to the life on Earth. In this dream I observed the shaking out of life, the oceans and atmosphere poisoned by nuclear contamination, the atmosphere damaged from the greed of Carbon and the unsettling efforts of others to off set this with geoengineering.  Though it was a dream even upon waking I know life on this Planet is in serious danger.  We are one slip of the finger away from nuclear winter, the blue waters of Fukushima surge with venomous radioactivity, while they are baking in the temperatures of climate change.

I could see the image to paint and how to sculpt it. When I woke up I went to work gathering my materials. The ball that I used for the Earth was seemingly placed in my garden outside my door over night, and it found me in the morning.  Was it a sign that things were going to take shape, some times I wonder.  I also wonder if we will survive long enough to evolve?

"The Dance of Evolution" by BA Wygant 2014

The Dance of Evolution

This work is a message to Humanity, & a prayer that we will still have time to change the course of our destruction.  We each have an obligation to help set change in motion.  This work is my contribution to that effort.  What will yours be?  How will you help shape our destiny?  The only truly noble thing we can each do at the end of our day is to look back upon yourself and say I have evolved.  As Hemingway implies, comparing ourselves to our brother, or comparing his actions and accomplishments to ours serves no purpose in times of change. Ensure you do your own part to make the world a better place.

"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man;
true nobility is being superior to your former self."
~Ernest Hemingway

Put this responsibility on yourself to wake up and see the signs around you and open up to how you can tap into things beyond this life and see what you can leave behind at the end of the day when you walk out of the door at work, or after you kiss you children good night.  Will the world be a better place when you have done all you can on this Earth today? If the answer is "No", don't be upset.  Just do better tomorrow and take the dawning of the sun as a sign that we can each rise again and shine.  Let the light guide you on your path, and be the light to others who are in the dark.  Then the next day you can say, "Yes, I made a positive difference", and the Earth will be a better place because we are here and what we do to make it a better place matters.

"Awakening" by BA Wygant 2014

"The Awakening"

"This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day"...
~William Shakespeare