My Journey | A Contemporary Abstract Expressionist

As an Artist that explores our connections to a deeper reality with each painting, I grew up with a pencil or brush in my hand very curious about the world around me. I was already aware of so much more. I suppose that when you identify an Artist as being an "Outside Artist" you would consider that my communications would be even further "Outside" (even from my beginnings as a child).

I was already experimenting with a sculpture and painting blend on canvas in 1974 when my family received the news that my older brother, William Wygant had been murdered in St Louis where he was attending Law School. I remember that I was dreaming about city streets running with blood when I awoke to my mother screaming. The University Circle Police had just given her the news, and in that moment, we all had our perceptions of the world shattered.

My life and work on that night became an important mission to put the pieces of our world back together through a higher perspective, "Celestial Traveler" and "The Day of Judgment" are my first two paintings from that year that started me on this lifelong journey to explore these physical and spiritual constructs. Painting for me is a direct connection to our divine creative Source guiding our journey. In my more recent work I express my interpretation of this experience in, "The Dance of Evolution". I again realized this thread through a dream where I could see our Earth as a precious little pearl, and the path that lays before us could bring her through a violent shaking, oceans melting away, and a Magnetosphere striped of it’s power. When I woke up I knew exactly how to build it, as if the pieces I needed had been placed in the garden outside my door & I began to construct the base & paint it with in hours. To me paintings like this are communication tools; a call to action and the big question is, "Will we survive long enough to evolve?”.  

In the process of realizing these visions and sharing them in my work I hope I will ignite a call to action in each of us to open our eyes to the Universe and it’s opportunities, awakening them to the deeper reality around us.  In fact I’ve featured “The Dance of Evolution” and many of my other works on LinkedIn, giving me opportunities to reach out and plant the seeds of positive change that Art can make globally. Through each conversation the power of art can impact this struggle, reaching beyond the canvas to change human behavior.  The deeper my journey the more that I see how profoundly and completely we are connected to each other. It is my hope that my Art is a celebration of Life on an infinite cosmic adventure. The image is powerful, and the message is profound. We are one, we must live in peace, and this is our path.




If you have a free moment & want to hear more about any of my work, please call (203)770-5011.  I look forward to meeting with you and telling you more about my vision.