Unity.Gallery | BA Wygant's Virtual Exhibit

Click the photo below to enter this 3D exhibit starting on 3/9/2016

BA Wygant's "Got Soul?"

Artwork opens our eyes to the Universe as a celebration of Life on an infinite cosmic adventure. Each visual image awakens a call to action in each of us. We are one, we must live in peace, and this is our path.


This virtual exhibit has been curated by Unity.Gallery where artistic expression unites the world.  Through one piece of art at a time we can heal & empower each other & our planet. This is why we are proud to present a virtual exhibit featuring BA Wygant's vision of light and hope of unity & brotherhood through art.  Explore the vast reaches of our physical and spiritual world though abstract reflections of color and light.  Through this exhibit her visions of the quantum soul will feature oil paint on a sculptural base.

Tips to enjoying the virtual tour:  

Have a smart phone? Download the free app from the site when prompted, and then re-open the link above (you may need to open the site in Safari on IOS devices, be sure to press the "Open Exhibit" Button and hold it for at least 2 seconds). 

Using an older computer (10 years or older)?  Borrow a friends new computer to look at the 3D gallery- it will be more fun =) Older computers don't have the power for our 3D tool - it needs to run with a strong processor & graphics card... Sorry!

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