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I am a painter and sculptor who explores the bond between the physical and spiritual worlds through the power of light.  Much of my work incorporates oil paint on a sculptural base.  Through this medium I can give the power of light depth and drama. 

BA Wygant (Bette Anne Wygant)

Most of my original oil paintings can be found here on a site we crafted to guide you through some of my vision.  

You can quickly navigate to the Blog via this link and the 3D Gallery via this link.  Also tour the site using the menu above or use the theme links at the bottom of the page. Below one of paintings on sculptural base "The Reception" can be found in the Catalog along with all of my other available work.

All of my original art is signed on the back and dated.  I also offer free hand delivery of all original art in the tristate area, and $200 for up to 600 miles.  To schedule a drop off, use the button below to set up a time that is best for you.  I prefer to hand deliver my work over shipping, but I can also provide shipping estimates upon request.  Those purchasing more then one large painting will receive both at the price of one delivery.  

 If a painting has found a home giclee prints are still available all prints are signed and numbered & special order print sizes are available upon request.  However my true passion is for my original work, and I have many spiritual paintings available.  For instance my most recent work below "Sacred Spiral" is ready for viewing.  I look forward to having you experience our cosmic journey at the Studio in New Milford.


I look forward to talking with you & telling you about my vision. You are welcome to meet with me on the road, at the shows, at local gallery exhibitions, and at the New Milford based home studio located in the Litchfield Hills region of Connecticut.  Also if you have a free moment and want to hear more about my work, please call (203)770-5011.

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