The 2014 SoNo Arts Celebration 8/16-17 & #SeaTrashTransform : Beach Cleanup 9/27 August 12 2014 1 Comment

#SeaTrashTransform will energize costal conservation & artistic voices to depict the effects of trash on the ocean, and it will emblazon the messages of the sea & its wildlife~ Join us: 

To sign up visit or pick your level of support on #Indiegogo 

As I head down to Norwalk for The 2014 SoNo Arts Celebration I will be spreading the word about the state of the oceans and what each of us can do to make a difference.  Please stop by and view "The Dance of Evolution" that is featured in the project writeup on Indiegogo & at this weekend's show:


Aug 16+17 | BA Wygant Studio | SONO Arts
Booth 617 ~ North Main St across from the Norwalk Museum 
Saturday, August 16  from 10am until 6pm
Sunday, August 17th from 10am until 5pm