The Lie of "Clean Energy": Panda Power Feeding Off Economic Despair October 14 2016 15 Comments

Tonight as I sit in my home, I am deeply saddened by the town meeting that I attended with my daughter and son. Our Mayor only yesterday, dropped the news that Panda Power Funds is going to purchase land from the town on my road to put in a multi-million dollar natural gas powered dual combine power plant.

We know the real truth behind "Natural Gas"... Fracking across this country has caused an epidemic of Earthquakes and the poisoning of hundreds of water aquifers. The Panda representatives were proud of the fact that this natural gas comes from "Tar Sands"...Remember the devastation of this region this past Summer in Canada?.. The fires and the pollution. I am seeing the bigger picture..Greed.  Greed of the Oil, Gas, Bank and Power companies and of our town officials wringing their hands and counting the money before any impact studies have been done. It is time for every citizen to stand up and be counted. Do you want to live upwind from this environmental plague?

"The Dance of Evolution" by BA Wygant who asks: Will we survive long enough to evolve?
Here are the 2 videos of the 4+ hours of dialog between these polished professional sales men and the concerned and informed citizens (as best we can with less then 24hours notice) as we attempted to find the truth behind this proposal.  Hope you find some of these details helpful as I'm sure they will be in your town next:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Local paper coverage: