Art in Public Spaces: A Final Show for 2014 December 22 2014

Historically art in general has been a revered possession.  However back in the mother lands of Europe in the early 1700s my ancestors would have been lucky to see a painting hang on their wall, most were experienced in the only public spaces of the time; churches.  

Today we are lucky enough to go to an artists web page, or flip through photos on Facebook, but back then it was only something the privileged possess.  Art today is still special to see in person, when we can steal away a moment of busy life to seek out and reflect upon hand painted visions.  To see each brush stroke adds a perspective lost on an iPhone screen!  

And in this case we are lucky to have a great space to share my work at the New Milford Public Library right here in our home town, New Milford CT.

You can see my work at the New Milford Public Library through 2/15/2015.  I have several oil paintings on a sculptural base exhibiting there and several prints for sale just next door at the Village Center for the Arts.

For more details on the exhibit you can visit the Gallery Page where they have Exhibit Information & their Library Gallery Blog.

I'm also Happy to give you a personal tour by appointment, just ring or text me at (203)770-5011