Super Blood Moon; Yet another reason to stop & look up in your own backyard September 28 2015 1 Comment

Make time to look around in your travels each day.  Sometimes Mother Nature will surprise you.  For instance, this week, we were able to see the blood moon that was also a super moon (Will not happen again for 30 plus years).  It makes you realize how we are a very small part of this larger reality, and how precious our little blue pearl is.  We are all floating along in this dark silky night sky.  

 As the moon shifts through Earth's shadow it shows just how quickly our time goes by.  Here we also are living in the shadow of earth- leaning into the sun each day for energy and warmth, our time in the light is short. The kind memory you have planted and given with love, is infinite and will be reflected in your life's story, like the red glow of the moon we too can give light back -even in darkness.  Each seed of Love you plant has waves that will reach out into the Universe around you. One day you bare whiteness to the infinite beautiful garden that you are.


We each can protect the garden & grow it further, better connecting each other.  We all think, "How can I make our world a better safer place for this garden of life to grow?" One thing I personally do is offer a kind word and a hug, when someone is having a bad day.  How do you meet this challenge?  All ideas on how to spread the seeds of hope & kindness are welcome!  I hope these images bring you light, perspective, & perhaps a little inspiration.  



by Lacey Wallace

Location: Middlefield, CT

Light Worker Sky Watch