Earth Day is Every Day | BA Wygant's Thoughts on Earth Day & a Recent Interview by Marshall Masters April 23 2015 1 Comment

Bette Anne Wygant Earth Day 2015:  

"This is a time for every person on this planet to stop and reflect for a moment about the state of the health, and the future of our beautiful Mother Gaia. I have seen many troubling changes, on so many fronts and issues since I was a young child. The problems are growing very quickly now, and with more urgency."

Dance of Evolution by BA Wygant
"I must ask, what are we leaving for the future generations? With the pollution from the Nuclear disaster in Japan, the contamination of the Pacific Ocean, massive kills of many species of Marine life, now the closure of the fisheries in California, I must ask, Will there be future generations?"
When scientists have to worry about losing their funding for telling the Truth, it is time to wake up Humanity and consider making some very serious changes to protect life in this century and beyond."Peace in Every Home Town by BA Wygant"Are we to let the survival of this planet depend on the leaders of Industry that tell us there are no Earth quakes near fracking wells and that the water aquifers are not corrupted by them? We need to realize that we are running out of time.  Our Grandparents left to us the wonders of our National Parks, with the love and respect of our Mother Gaia's beauty and reverence. What are we leaving for our children? Will Humanity become part of the extinction of Species? Only time will tell."

These and other topics are also discussed in Bette Anne's recent 30 minute interview with Marshall Master who has been a past contributor on CNN.  During the course of the interview Bette Anne Shares her experiences and observations of life in the physical world, and our journey home which inspires her work.  Weather painting in the 70s or today her mission remains the same; Painting & sharing the light!! I hope you appreciate & enjoy this emotional and inspiring video:


This is a recent (30min) interview I did with Marshall Masters (a past CNN contributor) where I share my experiences &...

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Science Can Save Us & Hurt Us- We Should All Be Mindful of its Power August 26 2014 1 Comment

Albert Einstein and Oppenheimer have both made warnings on the fine-line between discovery and destruction.  

Let us use our tools to educate and discover our impact for instance: Here the cloud is watching our planet...
The world's first high-res map of deforestation visualizes the impact of our actions -- 700,000 satellite images-- coming together to explain the pain.

Let's all keep a look out for these great tools.  Post here on your discoveries, or science that inspires you- as a scientist or a fan of positive discoveries.

3 Impacts & 3 Results of Nuclear War: When It Happens “Over There” It Happens Here Too July 18 2014

Pray for Peace in Every Hometown


For the first time ever, scientists have taken 2 models & combined them to show a global view of what a regional nuclear war could do if it involved 100 nuclear weapons (17000 Nukes exist now).

3 Impacts

After 20-50% of our ozone is blown away: 

  1. Drop in surface temperature
  2. Super heating of the stratosphere
  3. Blasting up of 500 Tg of black carbon into the air for 8.7 years (Tetra gram = 1 Golden Gate Bridge)

The result:

    1. Coldest temperatures in 1000 years.
    2. A global nuclear food crisis
    3. Increased exposure to nuclear radiation & fallout related cancers*

 Read more here:

“Multidecadal global cooling and unprecedented ozone loss following a regional nuclear conflict”,


*This was not mentioned in the study but the CTBTO link below. These diseases include leukemia & cancer of the thyroid, lung and breast that can take up to 40 years to develop.