#SpirtMeme An internet Installation at Unity.Gallery August 23 2014

Here is an intesting piece on art as a mirror of ourselves and our values - an idea Unity.Gallery hopes to promote:

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The 2014 SoNo Arts Celebration 8/16-17 & #SeaTrashTransform : Beach Cleanup 9/27 August 12 2014 1 Comment

Lots of things going on this week including the kick off of a beach clean up with Unity.Gallery & the SONO Arts Celebration this weekend.

The Dance of Evolution

3 Impacts & 3 Results of Nuclear War: When It Happens “Over There” It Happens Here Too July 18 2014

Pray for Peace in Every Hometown


For the first time ever, scientists have taken 2 models & combined them to show a global view of what a regional nuclear war could do if it involved 100 nuclear weapons (17000 Nukes exist now).

3 Impacts

After 20-50% of our ozone is blown away: 

  1. Drop in surface temperature
  2. Super heating of the stratosphere
  3. Blasting up of 500 Tg of black carbon into the air for 8.7 years (Tetra gram = 1 Golden Gate Bridge)

The result:

    1. Coldest temperatures in 1000 years.
    2. A global nuclear food crisis
    3. Increased exposure to nuclear radiation & fallout related cancers*

 Read more here:

“Multidecadal global cooling and unprecedented ozone loss following a regional nuclear conflict”,


*This was not mentioned in the study but the CTBTO link below. These diseases include leukemia & cancer of the thyroid, lung and breast that can take up to 40 years to develop.