BA Wygant's Print of the Month Subscription: Art year round delivered to you or your loved one's door

$ 41.99

Each month receive a special signed giclee print in the mail by BA Wygant.

Just choose your duration of subscription.  The longer you subscribe the more you enjoy & save.  Prints are on paper and 11 by 14 inches.  Each print will be signed and numbered and each month will be themed with a personal note from BA Wygant explaining her selection for the month and the special stories and meanings behind each work. 

We hope you enjoy each new print that arrives to your door and hope it becomes and exciting way to experience the work from the studio each month.


Months % Savings Price includes shipping
1 0 41.99
3 20 99.99


30 174.99
8 40 199.99
12 50 249.99


Subscriptions can be given as gifts, or enjoyed by you.  If you have a shipping day preference please let us know, otherwise we will be shipping out the prints the first week of each month.

Please call BA Wygant Studio at (203)770-5011 or email us at with any questions or special requests.